AOC C32V1Q 31.5" Full HD 1920x1080 Monitor, Curved

  • $2,798.00 TTD

Immersive Work & Play

The AOC C32V1Q is a 32-inch large monitor to fulfill your dreams of having immersive entertainment and work right on your desktop. The 31.5-inch viewable display features a 1800R curvature so that it wraps its vivid colors around your natural field of view, putting you in the center of action.

Key Features
  • 31.5” curved widescreen monitor with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 1800R curvature for a more immersive field of view
  • VA panel for wide-viewing angles and color uniformity
  • Narrow bezels and borders for a sleek appearance
  • HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA connectivity
  • FlickerFree for the smooth and jitter-free viewing comfort
  • LowBlue mode limits potentially harmful blue light rays

    Center of Action

    Work and watch movies with a whole new perspective with the AOC C32V1Q curved monitor. The 32-inch screen is curved at a 1800R radius curvature, close to the natural field of view, allowing you to see more at once. This monitor wraps its vivid colors and sharp imagery around you, putting you in the center of action for an all immersive viewing experience.

    VA Panel Technology

    No matter if you are viewing photos, videos or playing your favorite game – you want the content to look vivid and bright from whatever angle you are seeing it. That is why this AOC display comes with an advanced VA panel, which produces brilliant colors and offers wide viewing angles. With a wide viewing angle, images always look excellent and accurate, regardless from which angle you – or your friends and co-workers sitting or standing next to you – are looking at the screen.

    Ultra Narrow Bezels and Borders

    AOC C32V1Q employs an ultra narrow border and bezel design that allows you to see more screen with a sleek appearance. When putting multiple monitors side-by-side, the images transition even more seamlessly, more modern.


    C32V1Q is multimedia-ready with its advanced DisplayPort input supporting up to 75Hz at Full HD resolution, while HDMI input also allows easy connection with a wide compatibility of multimedia devices such as gaming consoles and media players. Also available is a D-Sub (VGA) port that ensures compatibility with your analog output devices.

    AOC FlickerFree Reducing Eye Fatigue

    The normal LED-backlit monitors adjust brightness using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). This causes flicker although human eyes can’t see it easily, it still causes discomfort over long periods of time. AOC Flicker-free technology is using DC (Direct Current) backlight system to provide more comfortable viewing experiences and wellbeing for your eyes.

    Healthier Eyes with LowBlue Mode

    AOC LowBlue Mode technology is a software solution that decreases potentially irritating blue light waves by controlling color temperatures without compromising the naturally vivid colors of the VA panel.

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