Forza Volt Reg 1200VA/600W (FVR-1211USB)

  • $167.11 TTD

  • The Automatic Voltage Regulator of the FVR series is a practical and reliable solution to give your equipment the necessary protection against fluctuations caused by ups or downs of tension, outside the established limits. In addition to functioning as a surge suppressor, the FVR compensates automatically any variation in the supply line. It is the perfect solution to take care of your equipment and your investment. 
  • Restartable circuit breaker, prevents current flow 
  • Automatic disconnection of electricity when the transformer temperature rises too high 
  • Visual indicator LED, displays the functional status of the voltage regulator 
  • Two USB ports to quickly charge your phone or tablet 
  • "Protection for data signals by telephone line and network 
  • Safeguard your communication equipment against the harmful effect of parasitic loads " 
  • Color: Black 

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